The Next Step began in 1994 with Bob Piotrowski, Ted O Sr. and Gennie O bringing the next step in musical entertainment to many music genres including the polka field.  Their focus was to entertain their audience with a wide variety of music including pop, rock, contemporary, oldies, and of course, polkas, with a musical twist.
[Left pic: Ted O Sr. (left), Gennie O, Bob Piotrowski (rt)]





Around 2005, Billy Gliwa joined Ted and Gennie and The Next Step in their band.  They continue to entertain many at their various engagements including private jobs, outdoor functions, and many establishments.  They create a fun and enjoyable (even interactive) environment for their audience - they keep coming back for more!  Come visit The Next Step for a night out with your friends.   [Right pic: Ted O Sr. (left), Gennie O, Billy Gliwa (rt)]

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