Do you remember...

♪ The address and phone number

♪ The famous broasted chicken and Jojo potatoes

♪ The Wednesday night polka parties

♪ Sponsor night - go bowling team!

♪ Marion Lush and the White Eagles on the bandstand

♪ The premiere of ________________ polka band

♪ The Sunday afternoon double-polka-headers

♪ The Halloween polka parties

♪ The peek-a-boo window on the kitchen door

♪ The pay phone by the bathrooms

♪ The late night snacks made fresh: chicken (of course), burgers, pizza

♪ The Sunday family style dinner with the paczki dessert

♪ Ted and Gennie behind the bar, in the kitchen, on the bandstand ...

♪ The corner office which was torn down to house the jukebox

♪ The gravel parking lot with The Omen "billboard" on the building

♪ The board behind the bar with the band schedule

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